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RV Cold Storage, LLC is South Central Wisconsin’s newest cold storage warehouse. Nestled in the middle of the Wisconsin River valley we are here to serve local creamery’s as well as our national accounts. We are located 30 miles west of Madison on Hwy 14.

Just because we are the newest doesn’t mean we are new to the industry. RV Cold Storage, LLC is a whole owned subsidiary of River Valley Logistics, LLC. Since the inception of River Valley Logistics, LLC part of our master plan was to build a cold storage to offer our customers an integrated transportation and storage solution.

We sourced a property that will allow us to grow to meet our customer’s needs.

- Stage one is 12,000 square feet of cooler space with a clear height of 30 feet high (allowing us to rack 4 high).
- 24/7 Refrigeration & Video Monitoring
- Vertical Dock Levelers
- WMS with online customer portal

Our Services

  • A Few Words About Our Warehouse
    •   Short Term Storage
            - Of bulk ingredients for production.
            - Outbound orders.
    •   Long Term Storage
            - Aging of specialty cheese.
    •   Cross Docking / Consolidation / Pool Distribution
            - Inbound order consolidation.
            - Pool load deconsolidation.
    •   Weekly LTL Service
            - Weekly service to all points south and east or WI.

Our Team

Mark Lanham

Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy Koenig

Chief Executive Officer

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7180 Coon Rock Rd,
Arena, WI 53503

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